Our People
Our People

Experienced, dedicated team of Environmental Consultants

Our senior staff has provided expert environmental management services for major urban, rural and industrial developments; and infrastructure projects, including civil, major linear infrastructure and pipeline works since 2002.

Naturecall Environmental was founded in 2002 – since then, we have built a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff, passionate about ecological management and helping clients achieve their contractual and statutory obligations.

  • Steven Noy Management Team
    Steven Noy
    Managing Director
    Steven Noy Management Team
    Steven Noy
    Managing Director
    About Steve

    Steve is the Founder and Managing Director of Naturecall Environmental. With more than 25 years’ experience in wildlife management, bush regeneration, and fauna research, Steve has a wealth of operational and practical knowledge and expertise in environmental management and is a regular author of and contributor to scientific papers.

    Steve is passionate about inspiring positive change and dedicated to high industry standards across Australia. He is active within the sector, providing thought-leadership, operational advice and on-the-ground management.

    Steve also initiated the conception of a formal “Spotter Catcher Industry Group ” to help develop and standardise a Spotter Catcher Code of Practice. The implementation of this Code of Practice will result in an increase in standards within the industry in Australia.

    Steve’s indigenous heritage has influenced the way in which Naturecall Environmental operates, resulting in Steve’s personal and business pursuits in driving indigenous-owned business growth and success, the overall growth of the sector, and encouraging education and employment for indigenous youth.

    Steve’s background
    Growing up in bush communities throughout Western Queensland, the importance and beauty of nature was ingrained within Steven from a young age. As he progressed into the workforce, Steve was lucky enough to work with captive animals from our native wildlife through to long term work with Polar Bears.

    Steve was sitting on the outskirts of the industry and could see a real need for change in the way the environment and our wildlife was being managed so he began to develop new techniques and solutions to manage human and wildlife conflict to provide a more humane outcome for the animals. From there, he was able to continue to grow Naturecall Environmental into a business which gives the environment a helping hand.

    Steve’s Why? Because I have a real desire to change the way we look after the future.

  • Christopher Doig Management Team
    Christopher Doig
    Operations Manager
    Christopher Doig Management Team
    Christopher Doig
    Operations Manager
    About Chris

    Christopher Doig is an Environmental Manager with over 25 years’ experience in the resources industry, government and consulting roles.

    He holds a Bachelor of Science in Australian Environmental Studies, a Masters Degree in Environmental Management and certifications in Frontline Management and Leadership.

    Christopher commenced his career in contaminated land assessment and remediation and over time expanded to cover all aspects of:

    • environmental compliance
    • environmental impact assessment and management and
    • HSSE (health, safety security and environment) management

    Christopher has extensive experience as a technical specialist and leader of multi-disciplinary teams gained in Australia, Papua New Guinea, the South West Pacific and the United Kingdom.

    Christopher’s Why? I have worked in environmental management for my entire career. I always wanted to contribute positively to our environment, and do so from within industry. I find leading professional teams to proactively manage the impacts of development and industrial activity on our flora and fauna extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

  • Pam Munro Management Team
    Pam Munro
    Finance Manager
    Pam Munro Management Team
    Pam Munro
    Finance Manager
    About Pam

    As a professional and qualified bookkeeper with over 25 years experience in administration, bookkeeping, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable experience, Pam manages all finance and compliance for Naturecall Environmental.

    Pam upholds high professional standards and possesses a strong commitment to providing the highest quality service to Naturecall Environmental, our clients and colleagues.

    Pam’s Why? I have the opportunity to produce innovative ideas and to work on a diverse range of challenging assignments.

  • Karl Robertson Ecology Vegetation Management
    Karl Robertson
    Senior Ecologist and Business Development Manager
    Karl Robertson Ecology Vegetation Management
    Karl Robertson
    Senior Ecologist and Business Development Manager
    About Karl

    Karl has 6 years’ experience in terrestrial and aquatic ecology throughout NSW and QLD. This has allowed him to develop a broad skill set which he now utilises in his role as a Senior Ecologist and Business Manager with Naturecall Environmental.

    Throughout his career, Karl has strived to gain a holistic knowledge of Australian Ecology, in doing so, he has developed advanced survey and assessment skills. He is able to survey and identify the full complement of Australian native and exotic fauna and flora.

    Karl has a broad understanding of both State and Federal Legislation, having prepared an extensive amount of Ecological Assessments, Monitoring Reports, Seven Part Tests, EPBC Act Matters of National Environmental Significance, SEPP 44, 14 and 26 assessment as well as the preparations of Review of Environmental Factors, Vegetation Management Plans and Control Plans for Exotic Flora.

    To compliment his comprehensive reporting experience, Karl is also an accomplished spatial analyst with experience in the use of ArcGIS and MapInfo as well as a vast range of data collection software (GBM Mobile, GIS Pro, Weed Map Pro) and hardware (Trimble, iPad, GPS, Toughbook). .

    Supplementing his technical ability, Karl is also an accomplished Project Manager and business developer.

  • William Steggall Ecology
    William Steggall
    Senior Ecologist & Operations Manager
    William Steggall Ecology
    William Steggall
    Senior Ecologist & Operations Manager
    About Will

    Will is an Ecological Consultant with more than 9 years experience working in habitats from Sydney through to Central and South East Queensland, and is an accomplished botanist within these diverse habitats.

    Will’s experience includes:

    • targeted and broadscale flora surveys
    • baseline monitoring surveys
    • comprehensive  fauna surveys
    • clearing supervision/fauna spotting
    • BioCondition and BioBanking surveys and assessments
    • surveys and identification of the full compliment of native and exotic fauna species
    • high level report preparation for impact assessment and mitigation
    • project management
    • consultation with government agencies, landholders and construction contractors

    Will also has a very high level capability in identifying Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC) via scientific analysis of diagnostic features and reviewing legal precedents, working on Local Government and Municipal Council projects for planning and policy formation.

    Will is also an accredited specialist in BioBanking and Framework for Biodiversity Assessment, and is a Biodiversity Certification Assessor in NSW.

    His knowledge of legislation is broad, having prepared an extensive number of Environmental Assessment Reports, BioCondition Monitoring Reports, Seven Part Tests, EPBC Act Matters of National Environmental Significance, and SEPP 44 (Koala Habitat Protection) assessments as the core part of his work, as well as Reviews of Environmental Factors and Vegetation Management Plans.

    Rounding out his broad skillset, Will is also a very highly accomplished spatial analyst, capable of using both ArcGIS and tablet-based GIS programs to collect, map and analyse a broad range of variables and produce high quality maps.

    Will has pioneered and implemented the use of the iPad GIS program GIS Pro to map key features in the field such as hollow-bearing trees and vegetation boundaries throughout the Naturecall Environmental business. This new tool provides highly accurate information for impact assessment that can be shared with other disciplines and inform the layman.

    Will’s Why? Because I enjoy the scientific aspects, working in the field, being innovative and helping to achieve good environmental outcomes for development.

  • Katie Selhorst Fauna Management Vegetation Management
    Katie Selhorst
    Business Development Manager
    Katie Selhorst Fauna Management Vegetation Management
    Katie Selhorst
    Business Development Manager
    About Katie

    Hailing from America, Katie has a Master’s in Conservation Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Environmental Science.

    Katie has worked as an Ecologist since 2012 and during this time she has been heavily involved in a number of environmental surveys throughout Queensland and NSW which have included:

    • aquatic ecology surveys
    • surface and ground water monitoring
    • macroinvertebrate
    • amphibian
    • fauna surveys
    • weed surveys
    • EVNT surveys
    • preclearance and EIS surveys

    Through her work in the USA, Katie has been involved in large scale prairie and wetland ecological restoration projects. These projects included seed collection, preparation, and invasive weedy species control. Working in the USA, New Zealand and most recently, Australia has equipped Katie with extensive experience with a wide range of ecosystems.

    Her work experience, combined with growing up in Ohio, has provided her knowledge of working in temperate region ecosystems. Working in Australia has provided Katie with experience working within extreme environments such as dry sclerophyll forests and rainforests.

    Community Involvement
    To compliment her work experience Katie has performed volunteer ecological restoration and revegetation work throughout Queensland and New Zealand.

    Katie’s Why?
    Natural areas provide life to all living things, including humans. We need to look after our resources to keep humanity alive.